How to download the data?

VoxCeleb 1&2

Please refer to this website to download VoxCeleb 1&2 dataset.

FFSVC 2020

Note: Since FFSVC2020 and FFSVC2022 have concluded, please send an email to to request the FFSVC2020 dataset. The following FFSVC2020 supplementary set link is still active.

The FFSVC 2020 challenge dataset is part of the DMASH dataset. The whole FFSVC2020 challenge data includes the training/development/evaluation data and dev/eval trial files with keys. Please visit FFSVC2020 challenge paper and FFSVC2020 evaluation plan for more information anout FFSVC2020 dataset.

In this challenge, we release an additional supplementary set of FFSVC2020, in which the speaker information is the same as the FFSVC2020 training set. In contrast to the FFSVC2020 training set, the supplementary set of FFSVC2020 consists of the far-field tablet/telephone data, which is the same as the evaluation data for FFSVC2022. You can download the supplementary data through the following link.

File   Download link   MD5  
FFSVC2020 Supplementary set (F) Download 768b4544d756dd76f92a9a75cafd3f6f
FFSVC2020 Supplementary set (S) Download a3e30342702b3e567ba71b8d9cb8e06e
FFSVC2020 Supplementary set (T) Download 9e671e0155f7b1e5a161a33f703ca246

The email address of the above data application should be the same as the account email of the challenge submission platform to facilitate confirmation as soon as possible.

Development and test set of FFSVC2022

A small trials file and wav files with accurate speaker information will be provided for participants as the FFSVC22 development set. The FFSVC2022 development data has the same data distribution as the FFSVC2022 evaluation data. However, the FFSVC2022 development set is only allowed to tune hyper-parameters and test the model performance. Any circumstances of using FFSVC2022 development set in the training is not allowed.

Unlike the FFSVC2020 challenge, FFSVC2022 includes more recording devices and all trial pairs are single-channel speech segments.

FileDownload linkMD5
Dev Trial file Download de0a22b157c3f5173a58b2bbc2ee0cab
Dev WAV files Download e7fb015c5c6389da21d8966ce549e59f
Dev Meta file Download 8ad1bdc99529e85be5ed453873a670e2
Eval Trial file Download 4a2af9dc8132ddd8826439cc3c1e440f
Eval WAV files Download e3cf9c525a64f53b9fe960cc1705b6f5

Note: If your region has restrictions on the current download links, please email to We can provide additional download links of Myairbridge and Baidu Pan.