How to register the FFSVC2022 challenge?


Since the challenge will be held on the Codalab platform, please create a Codalab account if you do not have one. We kindly request you to associate your account to an institutional e-mail. The organizing committee reserves the right to revoke your participant to the challenge otherwise, please read the evaluation plan carefully. Make sure to set the name of your team in the user's profile, or it will not be visible on the leaderboard.

The following is the Codalab links corresponding to each task:

Participants can register in one or two tasks. If your team participates in multiple tasks, we kindly request you to use the same user account to participate in all tasks.

Please note that any deliberate attempts to bypass the submission limit (for instance, by creating multiple accounts and using them to submit) will lead to automatic disqualification.


Participants are required to submit at least one valid score file for each participating task to the Codalab platform. Clicking on the “Submit/View Results” link under the “Participants” tab could submit your score file. You must submit your results in the form of a ZIP file, containing only one file named “scores.txt”. The file must be at the root of the ZIP file and the ZIP file should not contain any folders. The score files should be in UTF-8 format with one line per trial.